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Industrial Electromagnets

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MLTUS - 58 LDA magnet

Industrial Electromagnets

MLTUS is a leading North American manufacturer of industrial lifting magnets for the scrap, steel, slag, rail, and foundry industries. All MLTUS magnets are engineered and produced in the USA.

MLTUS - 58 LDA magnet

Magnet Service and Repairs

MLTUS inspects, services, and rebuilds all makes and models of industrial electromagnets for any application. MLTUS also offers innovative loaner and rental programs plus integrated asset management for all magnet applications.

MLTUS - 58 LDA magnet

Patented Magnet Protection

MLTUS is the exclusive provider of the patented Armadillo Lead Protection System®, a revolutionary accessory that prevents nearly all damage to magnet leads, reducing downtime by as much as 90%.


Magnetic Lifting Technologies US (MLTUS) manufactures industrial lifting magnets for the scrap, steel, slag, rail, and foundry industries. We also engineer specialized and niche magnets for a wide and growing range of businesses. As a full-service provider of magnetic system technologies, we custom design, build, inspect, service, repair, and support any make or model of electromagnet.

Our mission is to manufacture and engineer industrial lifting magnets that lead the world in quality, durability, and performance. We will also provide superior service, client support, and training to ensure that our customers enjoy maximum returns on their equipment investments.

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MLTUS was launched in 2010 in Struthers, Ohio with a small but passionate staff of engineers and fabricators who set out to design and build lifting magnets that would show the true potential of electromagnetic material handling. MLTUS quickly outgrew its Struthers facility and in 2013 began construction of its current state-of-the-art facility in New Castle, Pennsylvania.

MLTUS has received the 2015 Impact Award from the Lawrence County Economic Development Corporation in recognition for the economic benefits MLTUS has brought to the region. MLTUS also received the Best Practice Award from the National Slag Association for the introduction of the Armadillo Lead Protection System, a patented accessory that reduces electromagnet failure rates by as much as 90%. Today, MLTUS continues to be a leading manufacturer and supplier of electromagnet systems in North America and beyond.

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In addition to electromagnet manufacturing, MLTUS provides maintenance and repairs on all makes and models of industrial lifting magnets, regardless of application. Our service teams are available around the clock to quickly diagnose issues and minimize downtime. For older systems, MLTUS extends the life of your investment with advanced remanufacturing programs that restore your magnets to like-new condition for significantly less cost than buying new.

MLTUS also prioritizes productivity and safety through in-depth inspection and training programs hosted at your location. Our field specialists catch problems before they affect your business while guiding your operators in the latest magnet best practices to ensure peak performance and safe use.

Magnetic Lifting Technologies US
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Industry: Industrial electromagnet manufacturing, sales, and service
Company Size: 23
Headquarters: New Castle, PA
Founded: 2010
Product Types: Industrial Electromagnets, Armadillo Lead Protection System, Scrap Handling Magnets, Slag Handling Magnets, Mill Duty Magnets, Steel Slab Magnets, Bipolar Magnets, Tripolar Magnets, Railroad Magnets, Parts, New and Used Sales, Rentals, Fabrication, Remanufacturing, Parts, Field Service, Training

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