In 1983, Alan Heidenrich and George Koch opened a small material handling equipment dealership just outside of downtown Pittsburgh. Originally a three-person operation, their company, H&K Equipment, grew rapidly. Six years later, H&K Equipment launched a second company in Morgantown, Pennsylvania to provide lift truck sales and service to customers in the eastern half of the state. Named Taylor Northeast to reflect the new company's focus on Taylor Machine Works products, the first links had been forged in what would one day become the H&K Equipment Group.

Although Taylor Northeast shared common ownership with H&K Equipment, each company soon developed its own reputation as a leader in the material handling industry. While Taylor Northeast expanded into New York and Maryland, where it opened a branch in Baltimore in 2001, H&K Equipment began building a larger network of related businesses and services as it consolidated its customer base in the industrial areas around Pittsburgh and West Virginia.

Today, in addition to H&K Equipment and Taylor Northeast, this network includes Premier Granite & Stone, Yard Truck Specialists, and other corporate partners.

H&K Equipment-affiliated companies provide products and services across the material handling spectrum, including lift trucks of all sizes and for all applications, railcar movers, terminal tractors, tow tractors, personnel carriers, utility vehicles, loaders, forklift attachments, and specialty equipment. They also design and patent equipment accessories, provide hauling services, and have introduced an entirely new lift truck to the market.

As part of their overlapping services, H&K Equipment Group companies offer industrial floor cleaning machines, cleaning chemicals, aerial lifts, and warehouse products such as racking and shelving, mezzanines, modular offices, and automated parts storage.

They provide parts support, field service, equipment maintenance, fabrication, and extensive remanufacturing programs. They offer onsite inspections as well as operator and safety training. They are the OEM for lines of mission-critical machines. They even provide award-winning, high-end stone fabricating and installation.

Taylor Reachstacker In the Field

H&K Equipment companies employ hundreds of people in over a dozen facilities, serving a physical imprint that encompasses over 25% of the entire U.S. population. Some of our locations are neighbors, others even share offices, and some are hours away from the nearest branch, but each has a unique culture, history, and legacy that has made significant contributions to our overall success.

On our own, we are independent equipment specialists who have carved out crucial niches in our respective markets. Together, we are one of the largest and fastest-growing providers of equipment and warehouse solutions in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast, with more integrated products and services than nearly any other company of equivalent size.

And that's the power of the H&K Equipment Group: We are material handling.

H&K Equipment Crew

The men and women at each of our companies are the engines that power our success and our growth. Just as H&K Equipment Group has grown from one company in a cramped, three-person office to a multi-location corporate network spanning over 300,000 square miles, our employees have built a reputation for excellence that is now our guiding operating principle. Working together, there is nothing we can't do for you.

Explore the complete legacy of the H&K Equipment Group with our interactive timeline.