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Material Handling Equipment Manufacturing



Specialized Lift Trucks

Elwell-Parker is one the world's oldest manufacturers of electric lift trucks, with products ranging from specialized forklifts to coil handling equipment, die handling equipment, platform trucks, and more.

OEM Parts and Service

H&K Equipment maintains an extensive inventory of on-hand parts. As the OEM for Elwell-Parker, we can fabricate pieces for any lift truck in the product line from any era. Outside makes and models are also supported.

Limited Edition New Trucks

Through H&K Equipment, Elwell-Parker has released the L36 truck with AC Drive. This limited edition, high-capacity lift truck is the first new Elwell-Parker truck to be produced since the company was shuttered by previous ownership.


For over a century, Elwell-Parker dominated the electric truck industry with superior lines of lift trucks, die handlers, coil handlers, and specialized vehicles for custom applications. It introduced many of the safety and operating features that are now standard in material handling equipment.

The original Elwell-Parker facility in Cleveland, Ohio was closed in 2000, but the legacy of the company lives on through H&K Equipment. H&K Equipment began as an Elwell-Parker dealer for the Pittsburgh region and is proud to be the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for all Elwell-Parker products.

Learn about LIFTS, the shared core values that drive the men and women of the H&K Equipment Group.

The story of Elwell-Parker and its contribution to materials handling is woven into the very fabric of modern commerce. Incorporated in 1893 during the earliest days of the automotive industry, Elwell-Parker helped usher in a new era of global manufacturing and trade. From the invention of the first powered truck in 1906, to the creation of the modern pallet in 1930, to the designs of some of the earliest automated guided vehicles, the Elwell-Parker Electric Company of America spent over a century delivering innovations that have transformed how the world does business.

Today, over 125 years after it was first incorporated, Elwell-Parker continues to "set the standard in heavy material handling."

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Company Information

Industry: Material handling equipment manufacturing
Headquarters: Pittsburgh, PA
Founded: 1893

Our Products

Product Types: Electric Forklifts, Coil Handling Equipment, Die Handling Equipment, Platform Trucks, Automatic Guided Vehicles

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